Friday, December 7, 2018

Open and Concealed Carry Limitations in Las Vegas

Nevada has always been an open-carry state. Legal gun owners can openly bring their firearms to public places without needing major licenses, provided they follow local guidelines and do not attempt to use their weapons unscrupulously. Recent shooting incidents have laid a clout on Las Vegas' open and concealed carry laws, however. It is a good time to refresh readers about the limitations of gun carry laws in the State.

Remember that despite Nevada's open-carry freedoms, local establishments can still opt to disallow anyone openly carrying a firearm into their premises. In some cases, they would have to be frisked first and have their weapons surrendered at a door before they can be allowed through.

Locations that outright disallow gun carrying include:

  • schools
  • airports
  • places of worship
  • health care facilities
  • courthouses
  • correctional facilities
  • law enforcement establishments
On top of these restrictions, people seeking to conceal carry will need to seek a comprehensive permit before they can do so. This will involve taking part in a comprehensive concealed carry handling certification, appropriate application forms, and a proof of residency. A fee of $96 is often required to pay for the application.