Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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Attorney Ross Goodman is never out of clients and is currently an increasing presence in the legal field of Nevada and the rest of the country. All of this is due to his knowledge, skills, and strong dedication to win on every case that he handles. After graduating with a law degree from University of Tulsa, Ross followed the footsteps of his father, 3-term Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman, as a lawyer and today, Ross continues to thrive in the ground that he cultivated in.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Consequences of Lewdness with a Minor in Nevada

Lewdness with a Minor is no light crime. Engaging in sexual acts with a child is frowned upon in society, no matter who engages first. Nevada considers lewdness with a minor as a serious felony, even on the first offense. Considering how high the number of sexual assault cases were reported in the state in recent years, this is quite understandable.

Much like statutory rape, lewdness with a minor involves sexually gratifying a minor, although unlike statutory rape it does not necessarily involve penetration of the genitals. In many cases, merely engaging in sexually arousing physical contact can constitute a lewdness charge.

As stated, Nevada takes its lewdness with a minor cases seriously, and the penalties are just as severe:

  • A first offense is a category A felony, which includes life imprisonment with bail chance after 10 years, mandatory sex offender registration, and a hefty fine
  • A first offense with a 15 or 16-year-old minor downgrades the conviction to a Category B felony, but the most of the penalties are the same
  • Repeat offenders have to pay out higher fees, and have to remain on the state's sex offender registry for a minimum of 25 years, reducing the chances of the convicted person finding a stable job
Knowing the consequences of lewdness with a minor should be enough for anyone accused of the act to immediately seek help from a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. It is the fine line that stands between an acquittal and negative future ahead.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Types of Cybercrimes in Nevada

Technology is all around us. Advances in technology has made the world more connected than ever before, and it continues to develop at an unprecedented rate. Just twenty years ago it would be deemed impossible or at least cumbersome to conduct video calls without a bulky video telephone. Just thirty years ago the idea of global interconnectivity via the internet would be considered a sci-fi fantasy. Yet here we are with powerful smartphones that can connect to The Web from almost anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately the rise of modern technology also means an increase in criminal activity. Cybercrimes in modern locations like Nevada are on the uptick despite the increasing sophistication of digital systems. Cybercriminals always find new ways to circumvent existing security protocols, giving everybody headaches, and in more serious cases leading to disruption on a national scale.

As technology evolves over the years, cybercriminals like crackers and hackers will continue to discover new methods to disrupt the system and commit crimes. Here are some of the most notable types:

  • Data hacking/cracking: intentionally breaking into a network (secure or otherwise) to conduct malicious activity
  • Data theft: obtaining crucial information from a network illegally, like passwords or account information
  • Direct denial of service: disrupting program operations by overloading systems
  • Electronic money laundering: illegal cash transfers
  • Spamming: inundating a target system with nonsensical email to overload it
  • Data tampering: illegally deleting, hiding, moving, or altering data
  • Online fraud: spreading/planting false information
  • Virus/worm infection: exposing a system to a destructive virus, a worm, or a dangerous exploit

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Blood Alcohol Concentration and DUI Arrests in Nevada

In DUI cases, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is often the deciding factor which can lead to an arrest. BAC levels are not always apparent and can only be determined through a series of tests, like breathalyzer exams or blood and urine tests. In Nevada, BAC limits are set at 0.02% for drivers below 21 years, 0.04% for commercial drivers, and 0.08% for everybody else.

While alcohol in the bloodstream has a direct influence on a person's BAC, there are many factors that can affect its value. Some may not be directly related to alcohol, but rather to the act of alcohol consumption instead. These factors include the following:

  • Different body types react to alcohol consumption in varying ways.
  • Age can determine whether a person gets drunk faster or slower.
  • Gender differences are present, although some exceptions will abound.
  • How a person drinks and how fast they consume their alcohol should be considered.
  • A lack of food can lead to earlier intoxication.
  • Drinking while taking medications can exacerbate the negative effects of both substances.
  • Emotional issues can affect how a body absorbs alcohol.
Taking these factors into account, one can still be arrested for DUI in Las Vegas because of mistakes committed during the arrest. A number of common defenses employed against a DUI charge here include:

  • the accused was entrapped
  • the breathalyzer test was performed improperly
  • accused was improperly flagged down
  • accused was intoxicated involuntarily
  • accused was driving drunk but under duress/necessity
Knowing these factors and defense scenarios can spell the difference between a wrongful conviction and an acquittal for DUI.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Defending Against a Domestic Violence Arrest in Las Vegas

Nevada has the rather dubious distinction of being the top state for domestic violence fatalities in recent years. Oftentimes, these fatalities happen during petty arguments between couples or partners, and the number of incidents caused by people known to the victim can be sobering. As such, the state maintains a comprehensive campaign against domestic crimes.

Of course, this stepped-up campaign against domestic violence can also lead to some miscarriages of justice. False arrests for domestic violence in Las Vegas are a common occurrence, and is a major detriment to the conviction of actual guilty parties. As such, local criminal defense attorneys often provide defense recommendations on how to avoid being convicted on a domestic violence charge:

  • claim an unethical arrest took place
  • cite a lack of evidence for the arrest
  • plaintiff was drunk or not in the right state of mind at the time of the crime
  • call up witnesses that can testify of the plaintiff's absence during the time of the crime
  • state that the incident was an act of self-defense and any severe injuries were accidental
  • gather and study key pieces of evidence that can be used to prevent a conviction from happening, if the case goes to trial
Knowing the key defense strategies against a domestic violence conviction can spell the difference between an acquittal and severe penalties.

Friday, December 7, 2018

On Tampering with Evidence

In a criminal trial, a key factor that determines the accused person's guilt or innocence will always be the evidence. Evidence give a clear picture of how the events of a crime transpired, and with enough weight, even a single insignificant piece (like a lock of hair or bread crumbs left on a table) can be enough to convict a person.

The importance of evidence cannot be emphasized enough. This is why tampering with the evidence is an act of serious concern for both prosecutors and defense lawyers; even the slightest alteration could change the narrative of the crime and can lead to a false conviction, or the real culprit walking free.

There are many ways evidence can be tampered with. Such methods include:

  • presenting false evidence, or evidence that is not related to the crime at hand
  • destroying evidence
  • substituting false items for actual evidence at the scene of the crime
  • purposeful hindering of access to evidence
  • threatening witnesses to alter or withhold their testimony

Tampering with evidence is a punishable offence. In Nevada law, it can lead to a category C or category D felony charge.

Know the importance of evidence in criminal defense trials. Talk with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer for more details.

Open and Concealed Carry Limitations in Las Vegas

Nevada has always been an open-carry state. Legal gun owners can openly bring their firearms to public places without needing major licenses, provided they follow local guidelines and do not attempt to use their weapons unscrupulously. Recent shooting incidents have laid a clout on Las Vegas' open and concealed carry laws, however. It is a good time to refresh readers about the limitations of gun carry laws in the State.

Remember that despite Nevada's open-carry freedoms, local establishments can still opt to disallow anyone openly carrying a firearm into their premises. In some cases, they would have to be frisked first and have their weapons surrendered at a door before they can be allowed through.

Locations that outright disallow gun carrying include:

  • schools
  • airports
  • places of worship
  • health care facilities
  • courthouses
  • correctional facilities
  • law enforcement establishments
On top of these restrictions, people seeking to conceal carry will need to seek a comprehensive permit before they can do so. This will involve taking part in a comprehensive concealed carry handling certification, appropriate application forms, and a proof of residency. A fee of $96 is often required to pay for the application.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

DUI-Related Acts that Lead to Arrests in Las Vegas

Driving under the influence is a serious and pervasive problem in big and affluent cities like Las Vegas. The prevalence of large social establishments that offer copious amounts of alcohol combined with a substantial number of people with private vehicles often leads to spikes in DUI-related incidents, especially around the holidays. Drug use while behind the wheel is not unheard of, either.

If you're planning to spend your holidays in Las Vegas this season and don't want to end up running into some legal trouble while you're at it, take note of the various DUI-related offenses that can get you arrested in Las Vegas:

  • driving a vehicle while drunk
  • found drunk within 2 hours after driving
  • driving drugged
  • driving while drunk and drugged
  • committing a vehicular homicide while under the influence
Keep these offenses in mind before taking a trip down to Las Vegas. Don't forget to seek the help of a trusted Las Vegas DUI lawyer if you ever get accused of any DUI-related offenses.