Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Consequences of Lewdness with a Minor in Nevada

Lewdness with a Minor is no light crime. Engaging in sexual acts with a child is frowned upon in society, no matter who engages first. Nevada considers lewdness with a minor as a serious felony, even on the first offense. Considering how high the number of sexual assault cases were reported in the state in recent years, this is quite understandable.

Much like statutory rape, lewdness with a minor involves sexually gratifying a minor, although unlike statutory rape it does not necessarily involve penetration of the genitals. In many cases, merely engaging in sexually arousing physical contact can constitute a lewdness charge.

As stated, Nevada takes its lewdness with a minor cases seriously, and the penalties are just as severe:

  • A first offense is a category A felony, which includes life imprisonment with bail chance after 10 years, mandatory sex offender registration, and a hefty fine
  • A first offense with a 15 or 16-year-old minor downgrades the conviction to a Category B felony, but the most of the penalties are the same
  • Repeat offenders have to pay out higher fees, and have to remain on the state's sex offender registry for a minimum of 25 years, reducing the chances of the convicted person finding a stable job
Knowing the consequences of lewdness with a minor should be enough for anyone accused of the act to immediately seek help from a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. It is the fine line that stands between an acquittal and negative future ahead.