Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cybercrime or Internet Crime in Las Vegas

Involving computers, networks and remote connections, Cybercrime and Internet Crime is a criminal activity that brings about hacking, Net fraud, phishing information, stolen data, cyber vandalism, piracy and illegal pornography.

The public is open to crimes as such almost as the same as physical crimes. Although they are hard to detect and screen, Nevada is on the rise against such crimes.

Nevada gets serious about Cybercrime

Las Vegas, Nevada is getting tight about such crimes. With some of the world’s best casinos, hotels and entertainment and tourism, it brings with it the need for better banking, faster online money transactions and there is a need for security. Even an attempt is taken up as a crime and depending upon the extent of the crime, it can be classified as a felony or a misdemeanor and there are sentences that can bring the guilty to imprisonment.

In 2012, the FBI received well over 262,813 complaints of Internet Crimes of identity theft and intrusions and hacks that totaled over $782 Million which was a whopping 48% incidences than 2011.

Daniel Bogden, the U.S. Attorney of Nevada said that Nevada will be making Cybercrime a priority, after cases of Cybercrime operations found in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the last year, the news has been flooding with cases of international hacking of national and private data. Recently there were leaked Nude images of celebrities (Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Avril Lavigne to name a few) by hackers. Earlier this year, the bank JP Chase Morgan was hacked along with a few unnamed banks.  Home Depot claimed they had over 56 Million debit and credit cards stolen making this the largest case of security hacks in the world.

Cybercrime is a crime and is not taken lightly and there are serious legal consequences if charged with Cybercrime. 

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