Thursday, December 6, 2018

DUI-Related Acts that Lead to Arrests in Las Vegas

Driving under the influence is a serious and pervasive problem in big and affluent cities like Las Vegas. The prevalence of large social establishments that offer copious amounts of alcohol combined with a substantial number of people with private vehicles often leads to spikes in DUI-related incidents, especially around the holidays. Drug use while behind the wheel is not unheard of, either.

If you're planning to spend your holidays in Las Vegas this season and don't want to end up running into some legal trouble while you're at it, take note of the various DUI-related offenses that can get you arrested in Las Vegas:

  • driving a vehicle while drunk
  • found drunk within 2 hours after driving
  • driving drugged
  • driving while drunk and drugged
  • committing a vehicular homicide while under the influence
Keep these offenses in mind before taking a trip down to Las Vegas. Don't forget to seek the help of a trusted Las Vegas DUI lawyer if you ever get accused of any DUI-related offenses.