Sunday, September 8, 2013

How much do you know about DUI in Nevada?

How much do you know about DUI penalties in Nevada?

DUI is regarded as a misdemeanor, for most cases in Nevada. But other factors of DUI cases have to be brought to light before sentencing or punishment is given.  These factors are if there was any harm afflicted on any other persons than the accused – also if the DUI was a repeat case.  There are many cases where sentencing gets hard on those who have been on DUI cases more than once.

The usual sentencing for a first time DUI would be imprisonment of 48 hours onwards depending on the nature and complexity of the case or 24 - 96 hours of community hours and upwards.  You could be sent to Nevada DUI school on your own expense. Fines can be expected between the amounts of  $400 - $900 with $600 being the most imposed fine in Nevada.  You could also look at 90 days or 3 months drivers license suspension.


The SECOND DUI within 7 years of the FIRST DUI : 10 days to 6 months in Jail depending on the case, you can look at fines of $750 - $1,000 plus any additional court expenses.  Suspension of 1 yr driving license. You can also be looking at 100-200 hours of community service time.

A THIRD DUI offense within 7 years of the FIRST DUI : 1 to 6 years of imprisonment possibilities, fines can be from $2k - $5k, you can also be looking at a 3 year drivers license cancellation.

DUI and Death in Nevada :
Three DUIs and homicide brings a serious Category A felony ( 25 years in Prison ) but with possibility of parole after 10 years.

A Category B felony usually is sentenced to 2 years – 20 years, when there is bodily harm or death. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do Holidays and Weekends Really Produce More DUI News?

Its the holiday time again and once more, people take to enjoying one too many drinks, or simply may not be focused on what they usually do daily and so some unusual patterns seem to come to play.

Over the Labor Holiday weekend, lets see what has taken place :-

Loved ones mourn 23-year-old killed in suspected DUI crash

A 23 yr old male,  in a tragic accident involved him dying at the spot, whereas the driver was taken to a hospital for hip reconstruction surgery. Reportedly, the car hit a brick wall while speeding in an intersection. 

A woman also hit a brick wall near Lake Mead, and the police suspect DUI and having no seatbelt on during the incidence to be the cause of death. 

4 Dui arrests and 5 motorists with Drug related charges.. 

The police know all too well that there is a darker side to celebrations! 

So far in this year, we have had 35 fatalities in  Nevada Roadways in 2013. 66/259 in 2012 died on Nevada roadways due to alcohol related motor accidents. 

I think the message is clear. DUI and holidays are synonymous and its wiser to be on guard especially on these days.

Message from Ross Goodman, a drunk driving defense lawyer in Las Vegas