Monday, August 4, 2014

Overcoming Fear Caused By Sexual Assault

Most victims of sexual offenses are deprived by their own selves of justice because suffering from a sexual crime results to a lot of negative effects. These can affect the victim’s way of thinking, attitude, and relationship with other people and results into fear of recalling that bad incident.
One of the most aggravating sexual crimes is sexual assault. If you become a victim of this crime or if you know someone who suffered from this offense in Las Vegas, you need a good sexual harassment lawyer like Attorney Ross Goodman to help you deal with the case without experiencing as much emotional pain as you experienced.
Defining Sexual Assault
A person is guilty of sexual assault if he has committed any unwanted sexual act to another person without the offended party’s consent. There are two degrees of sexual assault:  First and Second Degree.
Requirements for First Degree Sexual Assault:
  • A person is involved in a sexual act with a child victim under the age of 13 years and the offender is at least 12 years old and is at least 4 years older than the victim of the crime.
  • A person is involved in a sexual act with another person using force and the act is against the will of the other person and (1) the offender used a dangerous or deadly weapon or an item which the other person reasonably believes to be a dangerous or deadly weapon, or (2) he has caused serious personal injury upon the victim or another, by one or more other persons, or (c) if the person committed the offense assisted or encouraged by one or more other persons.
Requirements for First Degree Sexual Assault:
  • A person is involved in a sexual act by using force and is against the will of the other person
  • A person is involved in a sexual act with another person who has mental defects, who is mentally incapable, or is physically disabled, and the person performing the act knows or has an idea that the other person is mentally, or physically helpless.
Effects of Sexual Assault
There are a lot of negative effects of sexual assault to its victims. Some of these include shame, guilt, trauma, isolation, depression, engagement to vices, violence, sleep disorders, eating disorders, negative view of life, hatred of oneself, self-injury, different psychological disorders, and worse, suicide. Because most of these things can affect a lot of years or even the entire life of the victim, Goodman Law Group encourages victims of sexual assault to call for justice not only for peace of mind but also to prevent these abusive people from repeating their unlawful actions.
In this case, Goodman Law Group can help. By setting an appointment with our sexual assault lawyer, you can start letting go of one of the darkest moments of your life. Do not be afraid because we will win this fight for you.
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Friday, August 1, 2014

Fourth of July Shenanigans

Holidays are fun and all, especially for one of the largest and loudest days of the year, the Fourth of July. However, this also means that the police will be a lot stricter as they will be very busy and will be quick to make arrests just to manage the huge amount of calls throughout the day. While weeks has already passed at the time of this writing, anyone can still enjoy Independence Day next year without any problems by taking note of the information below.

Driving under the influence
The police will keep an eye out for people who are driving while intoxicated, so be careful when driving, particularly if you don't have any designated drivers. Alternatively, call a cab or a friend if a designated driver isn't possible, even if you know that you can still drive normally even after a couple of drinks.

Domestic violence
Aside from DUI, police have noted the increase of domestic violence calls during the holidays. These days often mean something significant to people, which results in heightened emotions for everyone involved. Because of this, the police will always take reports of domestic violence seriously.

Police will also pay attention to reports of drug usage as well because drug traffickers and dealers see this as an opportunity because of the numerous parties and distractions throughout the day. Marijuana users, at least those who have a medical marijuana license usually don't have to worry, although some discretion is still advised when consuming them.

Most fireworks are still legal in Nevada, but concerned citizens will still report about them if they believe they are illegal or unsafe, so make sure to only use safe and legal fireworks, and use them appropriately.

Public disturbance
A raucous day like Independence Day will cause people to be louder and rowdier than usual, so take heed. The officers probably won't arrest anyone since most of these disturbances are minor.

If you or someone else was still arrested, please contact Attorney Ross Goodman at once. In any case, we wish you folks had a good time this year, and all the years after that as well.