Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Battered Woman Syndrome

Regarded as a psychological disorder especially on legal proceedings, the Battered Woman Syndrome is a theory developed in 1970 by psychologist Lenore Walker, and is associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

This mental health disorder develops on a woman who is a victim of abuse and has developed a “learned helplessness” or the mind-set that she cannot fight and get out of the abusive relationship.

Most often, the victim will want to stay with her abuser in hopes that she won’t be abused again, continually strengthening her syndrome. The woman deliberately denies the act of violence perpetrated by her partner and simply dismisses it as something inevitable. She’ll eventually reconsider and conclude that there’s a problem but will blame herself for it. This is a dangerous disorder that puts a woman’s life and everyone around her at risk.

Las Vegas ranks as one of the top cities with a staggering rate of domestic violence in which a woman was killed, largely due to the syndrome. So the community, which is composed primarily of medical specialists and attorneys, is doing its best to help victims overcome Battered Woman Syndrome.

The Cycle

A Battered Woman Syndrome is formed due to the actions carried out both by the woman and her abuser. Basically, it starts with an abuser performing diminutive deeds that eventually escalate to a full-fledged act of violence that can be physical, emotional, or psychological in form. When the tension calms down, the abuser goes on great lengths to atone for the act. The woman eventually forgives her abuser and the cycle starts again.

Simply put, due to the perpetual cycle, the woman creates a wrong viewpoint that the abuse is only natural and as usual, things will be amended. Victims of abuse also build up guilt, believing that they’re at fault, prompting them to be passive about the abuse and accept it a sign of their penance.

Diagnosing a Battered Woman Syndrome

There are many ways to spot a woman who is a victim of abuse and experiences the Battered Woman Syndrome. One clear sign is depression, however this can be easily concealed. Another sign which is easier to spot is the agitation of the woman with a Battered Woman Syndrome when her abusive partner is around. Women with Battered Woman Syndrome also usually turn to alcohol or other types of substance abuse for means of subconscious escape.

If you suspect that someone is experiencing a Battered Woman Syndrome, talk to them without the presence of the supposed abuser. If she takes the blame for the whole act or if she believes that nothing is going to help her from her abuser, then she most certainly is experiencing the Battered Woman Syndrome.

When in front of professional help, a woman with Battered Woman Syndrome needs to be assured by the prober that she isn’t at fault no matter what she did to provoke her abuser, and that it’s for her own self-preservation if she ever struck back. Additionally, there should be certain boundaries that need to be set, like not covering sensitive questions or not touching the woman at all.

Battered Woman Syndrome and the Law

The law recognizes Battered Woman Syndrome as a defense that can be used in court for women who were harmed or killed their abusers. The syndrome can help establish mitigating circumstances such as self-defense, provocation, insanity, and diminished responsibility.

There are numerous organizations that offer help for women with the syndrome, while the law enforcement is also on high alert regarding it. Therapy and case progress will help someone with a Battered Woman Syndrome get better.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you’re experiencing anything that has been mentioned above, or if you know someone who does, hurry and seek the aid of a trusted domestic violence attorney in Las Vegas like Ross Goodman now!