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About Rehabilitation of Domestic Violence Perpetrators

There are always two sides to every domestic violence case: the victim’s and the perpetrator’s. Most often, during legal proceedings, victims are rehabilitated to cope with the trauma and recover eventually.

But what about the perpetrators? Are they qualified for such amenity?

The fact that perpetrators can undergo rehabilitation and actually change from their violent ways has been a subject of debate in the legal industry, particularly among Las Vegas domestic violence attorneys, and even in the entire state of Nevada where a certain Batterer’s Intervention Program exists. Nevada’s Committee on Domestic Violence coordinates, tracks, and handles these rehabilitation programs for perpetrators in line with NRS 228.470 and NAC Chapter 228.

The Fundamentals of the Intervention

According to the State of Nevada’s Batterer Treatment Standards, an intervention for domestic violence perpetrators consists of “a variety of theories, modalities and techniques”. A domestic violence perpetrator is considered different from other violent offenders and should be treated using a different approach.

The primary aim of an intervention is to put an end to the violence and prevent recidivism or the repetition of the criminal act of the convicted. Looking profoundly into it, a treatment program aims to build compassion for the perpetrators and make them recognize that their behavior is negative and entails consequences like incarceration.

Rehabilitation for domestic violence perpetrators is still relatively new, but with the desire to eliminate the root of violence which is in the perpetrator, the community and the legal system are pushing hard for its implementation. Currently, there are different rehabilitation programs available which cater to different people, regardless of gender, age and, social standing.

How Does Perpetrator Treatment Work?

Domestic violence perpetrators can enlist themselves voluntarily for a program, but 80% of attendees are involved because of a court order. An intervention is done during the accused’s probation.

Through the State’s sponsorship, the treatment ensues within a running date of more than 24 weeks, while the shortest time is 12 weeks.

During a treatment, therapists use different program models as a syllabus for a perpetrator’s road to enlightenment. These are the following:

The Duluth Model

This philosophy focuses on dominance and force. It lets the perpetrators realize that they are accountable for their violent behavior.

The Feminist Socio-Political Theory

This model denotes that the violence of a male perpetrator is due to a mind-set of gender inequality. The Feminist Socio-Political Theory aims to teach to male perpetrators that genders are equal.

The Cognitive Behavior Therapy

From the name itself, the cognitive is tapped upon the use of this model. The mind is a powerful force and therapists use this to develop ways of thinking that will eventually manifest on actions.

Psycho Educational Model

This approach utilizes education to treat a perpetrator through tangible means like worksheets, visualizations, and activities.

The Effectiveness of the Program

Just like any other forms of therapy, the effectiveness of a rehabilitation program for a perpetrator varies. There are numerous studies that show its increased effectiveness, while there are also opposed findings.

It’s essential to understand the side of a perpetrator in a domestic violence case, no matter how appalling it may seem. Intervention programs for domestic violence perpetrators exist because of one reason: the hope that an individual can improve.

If you want to know more about rehabilitation for domestic violence perpetrators, get in touch today with Ross Goodman, the trusted domestic violence attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada! 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Battered Woman Syndrome

Regarded as a psychological disorder especially on legal proceedings, the Battered Woman Syndrome is a theory developed in 1970 by psychologist Lenore Walker, and is associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

This mental health disorder develops on a woman who is a victim of abuse and has developed a “learned helplessness” or the mind-set that she cannot fight and get out of the abusive relationship.

Most often, the victim will want to stay with her abuser in hopes that she won’t be abused again, continually strengthening her syndrome. The woman deliberately denies the act of violence perpetrated by her partner and simply dismisses it as something inevitable. She’ll eventually reconsider and conclude that there’s a problem but will blame herself for it. This is a dangerous disorder that puts a woman’s life and everyone around her at risk.

Las Vegas ranks as one of the top cities with a staggering rate of domestic violence in which a woman was killed, largely due to the syndrome. So the community, which is composed primarily of medical specialists and attorneys, is doing its best to help victims overcome Battered Woman Syndrome.

The Cycle

A Battered Woman Syndrome is formed due to the actions carried out both by the woman and her abuser. Basically, it starts with an abuser performing diminutive deeds that eventually escalate to a full-fledged act of violence that can be physical, emotional, or psychological in form. When the tension calms down, the abuser goes on great lengths to atone for the act. The woman eventually forgives her abuser and the cycle starts again.

Simply put, due to the perpetual cycle, the woman creates a wrong viewpoint that the abuse is only natural and as usual, things will be amended. Victims of abuse also build up guilt, believing that they’re at fault, prompting them to be passive about the abuse and accept it a sign of their penance.

Diagnosing a Battered Woman Syndrome

There are many ways to spot a woman who is a victim of abuse and experiences the Battered Woman Syndrome. One clear sign is depression, however this can be easily concealed. Another sign which is easier to spot is the agitation of the woman with a Battered Woman Syndrome when her abusive partner is around. Women with Battered Woman Syndrome also usually turn to alcohol or other types of substance abuse for means of subconscious escape.

If you suspect that someone is experiencing a Battered Woman Syndrome, talk to them without the presence of the supposed abuser. If she takes the blame for the whole act or if she believes that nothing is going to help her from her abuser, then she most certainly is experiencing the Battered Woman Syndrome.

When in front of professional help, a woman with Battered Woman Syndrome needs to be assured by the prober that she isn’t at fault no matter what she did to provoke her abuser, and that it’s for her own self-preservation if she ever struck back. Additionally, there should be certain boundaries that need to be set, like not covering sensitive questions or not touching the woman at all.

Battered Woman Syndrome and the Law

The law recognizes Battered Woman Syndrome as a defense that can be used in court for women who were harmed or killed their abusers. The syndrome can help establish mitigating circumstances such as self-defense, provocation, insanity, and diminished responsibility.

There are numerous organizations that offer help for women with the syndrome, while the law enforcement is also on high alert regarding it. Therapy and case progress will help someone with a Battered Woman Syndrome get better.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you’re experiencing anything that has been mentioned above, or if you know someone who does, hurry and seek the aid of a trusted domestic violence attorney in Las Vegas like Ross Goodman now! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

4 Questions about OR Release for Arrested Tourists in Las Vegas Answered!

A tourist who got arrested in Las Vegas can be released by posting a bail.  However, if he doesn’t want to post a bail, another way to be released is through an OR Release.

1.   What is an OR Release?

An OR Release is also known as the “own recognizance” release.  This is granted when an arrested tourist in Las Vegas makes a written promise to appear in all future proceedings.

2.   How to get an OR Release?

The criminal defense lawyer will file a motion in court on behalf of the tourist so he will be released, without posting any bail.

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3.   What are the factors that the judge considers in granting an OR Release?

The Judge considers several factors in granting an OR Release:
  • Severity of the crime
  • Criminal history
  • Danger that might be caused to the community due to the release
  • Relation to a family, neighborhood, and employment

4.   What are the conditions applied when granted with an OR Release?

State criminal courts require definite conditions after granting a tourist with an OR release. Some of these conditions include:
  • Restriction of travel privileges
  • Periodical communication with the court
  • Regular checking of a probation officer
  •  Setting of curfew and stay-away orders

These conditions may apply until all the court proceedings are finished.

The tourist will be subject to an immediate arrest if he/she violated the conditions imposed and does not show up in court for any court proceeding that requires the defendant’s presence.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

All About Dual Arrest in Nevada

The police officer should identify the primary physical aggressor (PPA) first before arresting one of the parties in a mutual battery case. However, there are situations when law enforcers find it difficult to identify which party is the PPA. This results to dual arrest. (Source: National Institute of Justice

What is Dual Arrest?

Dual arrest happens when the assessment reveals that there was “separate, distinct battery” carried out by both parties against each other. The possibility of dual arrest also occurs when the arrest of both parties is justified with a warrant. (Source: NVPAC)

How is Dual Arrest Treated in Nevada?

Nevada is one of the states in the US that has mandatory arrest law. As per NRS 171.137, a domestic battery and protection order violation mandatory arrest is necessary when there is “probable cause” for the law enforcer to believe that the battery was committed within the previous 24 hours. (Source: NVPAC) They can decide to arrest both parties involved and then let the court determine who the guilty party was. (Source: National Institute of Justice)  It is also possible that neither of the parties will be prosecuted.
Dual arrest is still discouraged even if it is not forbidden by law.

Why is dual arrest discouraged?

Dual arrest is discouraged because it can:
  •  Break the clean criminal record of the alleged victim
  • Refute the victim’s eligibility for victims of crime compensation
  • Prevent the prosecutors and advocates from speaking with either party due to the 5th Amendment restrictions

Aside from these, dual arrest is discouraged becayse the true victim may not report future domestic violence incidents as dual arrest may terrify her/him. Some law enforcers might also turn to dual arrest so they can easily get through the battery incident.

What should be done before an actual dual arrest?

Before proceeding to a dual arrest, the law enforcer should:
  • Verify that two distinct batteries took place (separated by time and space)
  • Make individual cases and reports for every arrest
  • Take the evidence limitations into an account as the 5th amendment restrictions may prevent either party to be considered as a witness.
  • Consult the supervisor before doing any actual dual arrest

Dual arrest can affect the lives of both parties involved in the domestic violence incident. Therefore, law enforcers should be strongly aware of these things before deciding for a dual arrest.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to choose a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Is a criminal charge filed against you? Here are some tips on finding the right Attorney for your case:

Make a list

Looking for a criminal defense lawyer is easy, but finding the best one requires research. That’s why you have to list down the names of the lawyers that you think are capable of helping you in your situation. List down at least 3 names and start doing the background check. 

Background checking

After making the list, you can start your research. Check the background of your prospect lawyers. Review the results of the criminal cases that they have handled. You can ask some of their previous clients or you could raise your questions to each of the lawyers directly. Here are some examples of the the things that you need to ask:
1. When did you start defending criminal cases?
2. How many cases related to my case have you handled?
3. How do you formulate the defense strategies related to my case?

Online  Backgorund check

Do not simply rely on the answers of the laywers. Research online and double check if the information that they gave you are correct. You can also look for the reviews and feedback of their previous clients online. Look for forums and review sites that are related to Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers.

Consider your Means

You should check whether the defense lawyer asks fees for an hourly or per meeting basis. You should also consider your budget. No matter how good a criminal defense lawyer is, if you could not afford his rate, then maybe he is not the perfect one for you.

If you are looking for an experienced lawyer that specializes in different criminal cases in Las Vegas, look no further! Atty. Ross C. Goodman is one of the best lawyers in this field. You can directly visit his office at 520 South 4th Street Las Vegas, NV 89101 for a free legal consultation. You can also call him on (702) 383 – 5088 for more details.

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Plea Bargaining in Domestic Violence

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                Plea bargaining happens when there is an arrangement between the prosecutor and the defendant regarding a criminal case. The disposition should be agreed on by both parties involved. Plea bargaining could end a certain case without having a trial procedure. The most important part of plea bargaining is that the defendant should plead guilty and confess to the crime that he/she is being charged. The defendant, consulting a domestic violence lawyer, also waives his/her right to trial and understands the consequences (charges, maximum sentences, etc) he/she could get after pleading guilty.

Plea Bargaining in Domestic Violence

                The plea bargaining in domestic violence is often discouraged because it somehow betrays the policies regarding domestic violence, neglects the fact that the offender should be penalized, and decreases the gravity of the crime committed. However, plea bargaining is sometimes considered to spare the victim, even his/her family, from the stress of having a trial. Some victims find it stressful to testify in front of an audience which is necessary in trial proceedings.

The following are some recommendations regarding the use of plea bargaining:

  • The intention of protecting the victim, ending domestic violence, holding the offender accountable and reinforcing the grave criminal nature of domestic violence should be part of the approach in plea bargaining.
  • The victim should always be consulted by the defendant.
  • Plea negotiation before the arraignment would be preferred to reduce trauma for the victim and to immediately start the rehabilitation of the defendant.
  • The following questions should be asked in considering charge reduction:
     Is a child present during the crime?
     Were weapons used? Or were there any threats of using a weapon?
     Are there any injuries inflicted?
     Does the defendant have a history of abuse?
     Does the defendant have any prior criminal record?
     What is the extent of the violence and the evidence presented?
     What are the requests of the victim?

  • The results of the plea bargain should correspond to the sentencing guidelines of the office.
  • The reduced charge, if possible, should emulate the original nature of the crime.
  • Using the need for the defendant's timely rehabilitation as a basis for plea bargaining will be considered if the importance of its timeliness should be emphasized.

The judge, who does not participate in plea bargain discussions, may reject the guilty plea and the disposition itself if the charges do not have any factual basis.

If you have any concerns about domestic violence and other criminal offenses, consult with Atty. Ross Goodman, one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to Win a Child’s Sole Custody?

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Some parents who separate agree for a joint custody to their child. This means that they have to share the time that they will spend on the child and also share on the expenses for the child’s education, daily living and so on. Custody also has something to do with the decision-making on the child’s behalf regarding education and financial management. However, there are separated parents who do not want to share the custody of their child. Hence, they fight for sole custody.

Child’s Sole Custody in Nevada

In Nevada, if the child is still a minor, the sole custody automatically goes to the mother, making it hard for fathers to win the sole custody of his child. But don’t worry. It is still possible for the father to win his child’s sole custody with the help of a good criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas.

There would be a process of observation and interviews from professionals (who may be a lawyer or a psychologist) and acquaintances of both parties. The judge will also ask questions to both parties. The last stage of the process requires the decision of the judge on who will win the child’s sole custody.

Granting Sole Custody

Here are the factors considered by courts when granting sole custody rights:

  • Parenting ability - The court has to know who reaches out more to the child and who could satisfy the needs of the child emotionally. The parent has to prove that he/she teaches good values and that he is a good example to the child.
  • Financial Stability - The parent has to prove that he/she can give every need of the child and support him monetarily.
  •   Health - A healthy parent can function more than a weak one.
  • Involvement in child’s every activity - The parent has to prove that he/she is engaged with the child’s activities in school, community and home.

In some cases, one party easily gets the sole custody because he/she has proven that the other party isn’t a good example to the child. It is either the other party hurts the child, takes illegal drugs or has a mental or behavioral problem. If one party is not able to prove it, the case has to undergo the regular process.

If you want to win the sole custody of your child, hire a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer that could surely help you win the case. Atty. Ross C. Goodman is the most experienced and the most reliable criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas. Call his law firm, Goodman Law Group, at (702) 383-5088 for a free legal consultation.