Monday, April 22, 2013

Insanity Plea And Criminal Defense

Here’s the story: Imagine you were halted on the road because you were drunk. Obviously, the police officer’s going to charge you DUI for that, a serious offense here in Las Vegas. While the police officer’s preparing the proper procedures to detain you, you thought something funny and cool, and maybe an easy escape from the mess you’d gotten yourself into. You let them take you the police station and started acting stupid and crazy. You were planning to plead for insanity defense.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prescription Drugs = DUI Charges?

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Prescription Drugs = DUI Charges?
In Las Vegas, driving under the influence of illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages can get you some serious trouble. It is such strong violation that there are cases when it escalates from a simple misdemeanor into a severe felony. DUI charges in Las Vegas are quite harsh as compared to the other states because conviction normally leads in a one year to six years of imprisonment. Of course, not to forgot the suspension of the driver’s license, fines, penalties, community services and possible rehabilitation. Not so cool, huh? So consult a DUI defense attorney if you are charged with DUI. This is to lessen the charges against you.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Texas College Stabbing and the Sandy Hook Shooting

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Before the year 2012 even closed itself, the world was shook by a shooting incident in Newtown, Connecticut that took the lives of 26 people—20 of them children. The incident started when a heavily armed man walked inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire aimlessly. Enforcers, within minutes, were in the scene and handled the situation leaving a sad number of dead including the elementary school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung, the school psychologist, Mary Sherlach, and the shooter himself, Adam Lanza.

The Sandy Hook shooting incident is considered by some as one of our country’s worst after the VirginiaTech Massacre in 2007. The incident produced such an emotional scene with crying children running towards the parking lot in search for their frightened parents. To the parents who saw their children crying, it was a bittersweet relief that means their children were safe, to some, it was an excruciating puzzle that heightens their panic.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Driving Drunk and DUI

One of the most common misconception about DUI is it’s painfully mis-association to drunk driving. If you only had a few drinks and can still see the road with a little blur, it is okay; the police officer is unlikely to charge you with anything anyway. This is where it gets wrong. Obviously, alcoholic drinks mess up your nervous system hindering you to think straight and act properly. Remember, drinking little doesn't equate the idea of causing an accident to little; let alone if  you are a hardcore drinker. Regardless of the amount, the possibility of causing an accident tantamount when alcoholic drinks are involve. You cannot just prevent road accidents because you had a little drink.