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Las Vegas, Nevada DUI Laws and Legal Resources

These are some of the most important and helpful links that you need for General DUI information or if you need some assistance right away. 

The most important area that people need to know about DUI is that there are clauses, scenarios, conditions on how DUI is evaluated and how DUI sentencing is given. These 4 websites listed below have ample knowledge for the first time information hunter. 

Legal Reference for DUI in Las Vegas, NV.

A quick and concise webpage that shows how a DUI arrests is made and what sentences and penalties are possible. 

This NOLO link is pretty much a derivative of the first link from NVPAC but they are answered in a FAQ style. 

NVBAR - PDF brochure
Its the DUI law in Nevada, in a simple PDF Brochure format. 

A not for profit corporation dedicated to increasing the information and professionalism of people involved with DUI. 

There is simplified yet in-depth information available in these categories : 
Stay Safe! A message from your DUI Defense Lawyer Serving Las Vegas Nevada, Clark County and other areas surrounding Las Vegas Areas.


How much do you know about DUI in Nevada?
Find out if DUI in Nevada is considered a Felonyor Misdemeanor?

Holidays and DUI ( Look at Labor Day Sep 2013 in Las Vegas )
Holidays and DUI headlines seem to be very consistent with the partying. A glance back at Labor Days Holidays September 2013

Prescription Drugs and DUI/DWI
What Nevada Laws have to say about your meds and driving.

Drunk Driving Nevada
Las Vegas! Las Vegas! Its the Party capital and DUI is taken very seriously.

Common Nevada DUI myths debunked
Most important, remember not just any DUI lawyer can solve your case.

DUI dos and Donts
Although technically there is no DUI DO but here are a few things to remember if you ever drive and have had a few drinks.