Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why do we have Criminal Defense Laws?

According to the laws made by our founding fathers and after numerous civil revolutions and laws and bill ramifications, we know that every US citizen has a right to defend themselves from accusations of crime. The law looks for justifiable proof that indeed a crime has been committed by looking at physical evidence. The law permits that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

So why do we have these laws? These laws are meant to protect ourselves from being severely penalized for actions that may not have been committed. These laws give everyone a legal base for defending themselves in court. In the past, many innocent people have been tried arbitrarily and they have suffered due to not having a legal process affected by the government.  A person could be lynched or thrown in prison due to “hear-say” and circumstantial evidence.  There was a time when religious or political leaders often disregarded a person’s right to defend themselves and guilt was decided almost randomly.

If there were no criminal laws that allowed a person to defend them, the fabric of society, what it stands for and even its own definition would fall and civilization as we know it would come to a halt.

Criminal defense laws are an integral part of the constitution where everyone has the right to remain free of charge unless physical evidence can be used to prove guilt of the person. Often, these laws are meant not only to provide black and white answers like guilt or innocence only but they are also observed to see that if there was a crime committed  - how much of it was deliberate or planned.  Sometimes crime is committed due to negligence, or simply due to bad circumstance.

This is how a court decides whether the crime, if committed, is a felony or a misdemeanor and how sentencing or judgement should be passed.  Not all charged are guilty and not all crime is deliberate and everyone needs to be able to tell their share of the incident. 

This is how the constitution and the laws protect us, by allowing persons to have their side to the story heard by the courts.  This is the basis of Criminal Defense and it is applicable to everyone who is charged with Homicide, DUI/DWI, domestic abuse, Juvenile crime, Sex offenses, Burglary and theft and more.. 

Please contact a criminal defense attorney if you need any help in your case.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Domestic Violence Crimes

Domestic Violence Crimes

Unfortunately crimes happen at home, in a family and close relationship setting. 

Here are some chilling facts: 

40-70% of women related homicides are directly caused by someone they are intimate with. 
While countries like Bangladesh, Peru, Tanzania and Ethiopia showed signs that the violence was almost close to 50% of female members, The UK and US were close to about 30% and 22% respectively.
In the US, women in a household of larger income brackets are subject to domestic violence much less than those who are not doing very well. The age of women subject to this in the US are usually 16-24yr olds. 

All domestic violence acts are manifestations of the accused trying to dominate and have more power over the other person and it could be sexual, physical and verbal. 

Throughout the years, parents, husbands, cargeivers, caretakes and who have you been involved in violence at home. Many customs in some countries were acceptable. 

Here are a few types of violence that goes beyond just battery or physical assault. 

Acid throwing - done by a jealous partner, especially seen and heard of in Asia and in the Middle east.
Dowry deaths and Bride burning - prevalent social problem in parts of Asia especially India where the family compels the bride to suicide through persistent humiliation in order to extort dowry money. 
Honor killing - Justification of killing someone who brings dishonor to the family name. 
Marital rape - forced and coerced sex with unwilling spouse.
Foot Binding - painful binding of feet of young girls by parents to make them grow smaller. 

In Nevada, there have been much debate about the actual figures of domestic violence but Nevada has been a hot zone for this kind of crime. Read more here.

The truth is that this crime is out there and most often goes unnoticed.  You can find out more about the statutes, penalties and legal definition of domestic abuse here.  If you are in Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas in Clark County, you need to know what the law says about the victim and to the aggressor.

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Zero Tolerance Laws, Zero Sense

Protecting the children is part of any good parent's job, and to that extent, it's also the school's duty to look after and nurture them as their second home. But sometimes, the rules just make no sense at all, which I feel has been plaguing America as of late. Take this case in Brooklyn for example. Here's a short summary for those who didn't read it:

Erin was called up by a drunk friend of hers at a party to drunk to drive. She arrived to pick her friend up after work, but moments after the police arrived and started arresting several students for possessing alcohol, including Erin. She was cleared later on by the police, agreeing that she had not been drinking, smoking or using any drugs. But Andover High tells her that she has violated the district's zero tolerance policy. During the middle of her senior year, she was demoted from captain of the volleyball team and suspended from playing for five games.

I'd say that's taking it a little too far, being punished without participating in the party in the first place. There was no drinking involved, much less driving under the influence. She was even the designated driver for her friend. Sadly, this is just one of the many stories that pop up all over the Internet about authorities in schools punishing students for doing nothing, or in this case, doing the right thing. What kind of message does this give to them?

Just remember that if this happens to you, get the help of a defense attorney immediately. Don't let them take advantage of the law, and fight.


Friday, October 4, 2013



DUI or Drunk Driving is unfortunately a fact of life that just seems to happen no matter where you are.  No matter how much legal or civil policies are made, there just seems to be that person who takes a little too much and endangers himself or someone else.

Just like with crime, we really can have a better and developed society without crime in the streets and neighborhoods but we do know one thing for sure - that although it may be controlled to some level, we will never see the end of it.

This applies to DUI - all we can do as a part of society is try and control it and do our part -- even in simple ways like being a designated driver for someone who cannot drive back home or encouraging someone to take it easy on the booze...

but these things do happen and when they do there can be harsh sentencing and if the DUI is not major, a lot can be achieved through DUI classes.

These lessons and classes can be given  during sentencing and usually required in the state of Nevada for DUI. The main objective is to be able to "Reduce Risk" by making drunk drivers understand the consequences of their actions, how they can be safe and keep others safe in the area..

Here are a few DUI schools in Nevada especially Clark County and Las Vegas areas..

Las Vegas DUI Schools

Clark County Court Education Program

Northwest Traffic School

City Of Las Vegas First Offender DUI Program 
200 Lewis Ave
Las Vegas NV 89155

ABC Therapy  - (702) 598-2020

Cornerstone DUI School 

North Las Vegas DUI Schools

City Of North Las Vegas Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention (702) 633-1130
Smart Choices (702) 609-1705

Henderson DUI Schools

ABC Therapy 
Diagnosticare, Inc 
Highway Alcohol Awareness Program 

For more information on DUI sentencing, BAC Calculation and other important DUI related information, you can look it up in my DUI/DWI defense page