Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drunk Driving While Texting Woman Slams into Construction Site, 2 Workers Hurt

Texting while driving
A woman has been arrested Wednesday on suspicion of texting while driving and drunken driving in connection with a crash that injured two construction workers near Reno.

Witnesses at the scene said the woman, later identified as 20-year-old Heather Dyer, drove straight into a construction site on I-580S and crashed into one of the construction equipment in a controlled work zone causing injury to two construction workers. The impact of the collision caused a wheel to fall off a vehicle and hit one of the two injured workers. Dyer, it would seem, got herself in trouble apparently because she was too distracted by her texting or she was too impaired or under the influence or she was both too drunk and too distracted while she was driving that she failed to see where she was going until it was way much too late for her to stop.

The two workers who were hurt in the freak accident were sent to the hospital with undisclosed injuries. Whatever these injuries are, a good car accident lawyer could help them get appropriate compensation for their hurt, especially since they sustained them while they were just doing their jobs.

Dyer was arrested by Nevada Highway Patrol troopers and sent to Washoe County Jail where she was charged with driving while intoxicated above the legal limit, texting while driving, driving with a suspended license, minor in possession of alcohol, and failure to maintain lane. She was later released on a $6,665 bail.