Friday, October 19, 2012

Ross Goodman Cleared By Las Vegas Police on Downtown Lot Deal

Daughter of Christine Von Sturm upon further investigation conclusively determined there was no improper movement taken by Goodman and Palazzo.

On Sep 14th 2004, there was an article from the Las Vegas Sun suggesting that there may have been something improper about a real estate transaction involving lawyers Ross Goodman and Louis Palazzo.

However, the article does not reflect the investigation conclusively determining there was no such improper action and that Von Sturm’s daughter has made an official statement withdrawing any allegations.

The property in question was a $1.4 million downtown lot comprised of two parcels, located at 511 and 515 Las Vegas Blvd. South, belonging to then-85 year old Christina Von Sturm.

The seller of the property brought this to Metros attention after Goodman and Palazzo sued Von Sturm to enforce the real estate contract.


The daughter of Christine Von Sturm, Christina M. De Musee, Manager, C&F Sturm, LLC initially defended the lawsuit by claiming her mother was under some form of duress while selling her property. However, “upon further investigation [Christina De Musee] [has] conclusively determined . . . that there was no improper action, misconduct or advantage taken by Ross Goodman and Louis Palazzo in connection with the negotiation and signing of the real estate agreement between them and Christine Von Sturm.” Consequently, Christina De Musee “withdraws, retracts, and otherwise dismisses the allegations suggesting otherwise.”