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Drunk Driving and How It Affects Lives

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Jacqueline Saburido before the accident

  An advocate speaker against drunk driving, Venezuelan Jacqueline Saburido has been a known spokeswoman in the U.S. after meeting an accident that completely changed her life.

      In September 19, 1999, Jacqueline was with her four friends for an all-night party outside Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. Shortly after 4am, the group was on their home when Reggie Stephey veered into the Oldmobile carrying Jacqueline and her friends. The incident set the cars afire killing two of Jacqueline friends. Jacqueline, who was seated on the front passenger seat, suffered a third degree burn on over 60% of her body. It was even stated that while the firefighters were freeing her from the broken dashboard, some of the burned skin were sliding off.
     Burned intensely for 45 seconds, Jacqueline has had more than 40 operations. The entire accident caused her hair, ears, nose, much of her vision and fingers.
       Investigation further revealed that Reggie Stephey was intoxicated when the collision happened. In 2001, he was sentenced with seven years of imprisonment on two accounts of manslaughter with a $20,000 fine.
Jacqueline Saburido threee months after the accident
To date, Jaqueline is an active speaker promoting safe driving, in this case, against drunk driving.
           The Jacqueline Saburido story is one of the classic stories telling us the danger of drunk driving. Not only that it changes the life of the victim, it also alters the driver’s life significantly and all the people related to them. Sadly, drunk driving is accountable for one-third of all the traffic fatalities in U.S. so if you or your loved one is involved in DUI cases, never hesitate to contact a DWI lawyer in Las Vegas now.

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