Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 Traits of a Top Criminal Defense Lawyer

Traits of a Top Criminal Defense Lawyer

What separates the top lawyers from the rest? For some people, it’s how experienced they are in practicing their profession. But what about those who are still new to the profession?

Here are 5 traits of a top criminal defense attorney:

1. Workaholic

Good lawyers are always workaholics. The average law student studies an average of 90 hours a week and will be working through the weekend.

2. Aggressive

Lawyers who win cases are aggressive lawyers. There is no room in the court for pushovers especially in criminal defense.

3. Persuasive

A defense lawyer must be persuasive. It is one of the essentials of being a good lawyer since a trial is mostly persuading a jury to your side of the argument.  It would also help in negotiating with the judge.

4. Patient

Defending a client will require a patient and sound mind. Defense lawyers who take their time and prepare well for a case will always win the case against a lawyer who takes unnecessary risks.

5. Caring

A good lawyer is always professional, but a great lawyer cares for his clients. A caring defense lawyer will do all in their power to win the client’s case.

Always remember that a lawyer need not be experienced as long as their integrity is intact and is dedicated to their client.