Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Testing and Penalties for Drugged Driving in Nevada

Drugged driving is a major public problem in major commercial centers across the country. Inebriated drivers who can't properly control their vehicles are an ever-present threat, and local and federal governments continue to seek ways to minimize, if not outright eliminate, drugged driving incidents. Nevada's revised statutes on drugged driving are just a typical example.

As per the NRS, drugged driving is the act of controlling any motor vehicle on a highway or public space after inhaling, applying, or ingesting chemical substances. Counted under DUI cases, drugged driving is affected by a no-tolerance policy; an arrest can immediately lead to a conviction if the evidence is strong enough.

There are a few ways that Nevada's law enforcement officers can determine if a person is driving under the influence of drugs. One would be field tests, similar to sobriety tests for DUI but following a different procedure. Those caught in or near urban centers like The Strip can be taken directly to the nearest precinct for urine or blood sample testing.

One cannot refuse a drug test for drugged driving. Any signs of refusing would give the officer on scene probable cause to arrest the individual. If convicted, the driver can face a minimum of 48 hours of mandatory detention and $500 in fines, to over 20 years in jail time and massive fees in the event of a DUI-induced accident with fatalities.