Wednesday, January 9, 2019

How Nevada Revised Statutes Protects Victims of Sexual Assault

Nevada continues to fight a grueling battle against sexual assault cases in a bid to rid itself of its image as one of the states where rape and similar cases are prevalent. Through Nevada's Revised Statutes on sexual assault, the state handles various cases of sexual assault, gross lewdness, and rape, handing out severe penalties like life without parole for the most hardened sexual convicts.

Throughout these legal battles, the state does not overlook the victims that are caught in the mess. These victims receive various forms of protection as stipulated in the NRS for sexual crimes.

For most of the investigation and trial periods, sexual assault victims have their personal information redacted to protect their identity and dignity. These include names, photographs, addresses, testimonies, criminal history (if available), and other important information. Victims can also be given pseudonyms to further protect their real identity. In the event that such a release is authorized by court order, it should be done in a way that will not harm the victim in the long run.

In recent years, special organizations have sprung up aimed at protecting former, current, and future sexual assault victims. These include the Nevada Rape Crisis Center's regular fundraisers and awareness programs about sexual assault cases in the State. Las Vegas Police also hold the Stay SAFE (Sexual Assault-Free Environment) program to train bouncers, security officers and bartenders to spot and prevent potential sexual assault incidents in bars and similar establishments, as many of these cases happen in such locations.