Friday, October 4, 2013



DUI or Drunk Driving is unfortunately a fact of life that just seems to happen no matter where you are.  No matter how much legal or civil policies are made, there just seems to be that person who takes a little too much and endangers himself or someone else.

Just like with crime, we really can have a better and developed society without crime in the streets and neighborhoods but we do know one thing for sure - that although it may be controlled to some level, we will never see the end of it.

This applies to DUI - all we can do as a part of society is try and control it and do our part -- even in simple ways like being a designated driver for someone who cannot drive back home or encouraging someone to take it easy on the booze...

but these things do happen and when they do there can be harsh sentencing and if the DUI is not major, a lot can be achieved through DUI classes.

These lessons and classes can be given  during sentencing and usually required in the state of Nevada for DUI. The main objective is to be able to "Reduce Risk" by making drunk drivers understand the consequences of their actions, how they can be safe and keep others safe in the area..

Here are a few DUI schools in Nevada especially Clark County and Las Vegas areas..

Las Vegas DUI Schools

Clark County Court Education Program

Northwest Traffic School

City Of Las Vegas First Offender DUI Program 
200 Lewis Ave
Las Vegas NV 89155

ABC Therapy  - (702) 598-2020

Cornerstone DUI School 

North Las Vegas DUI Schools

City Of North Las Vegas Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention (702) 633-1130
Smart Choices (702) 609-1705

Henderson DUI Schools

ABC Therapy 
Diagnosticare, Inc 
Highway Alcohol Awareness Program 

For more information on DUI sentencing, BAC Calculation and other important DUI related information, you can look it up in my DUI/DWI defense page