Friday, February 13, 2015

Domestic Violence Conviction Repercussions

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Being charged with domestic violence is different from being convicted. There are certain consequences of being formerly convicted in a civil or criminal charge. This is the reason why you should hire an experienced domestic violence lawyer who can defend you in court. Here are some of the repercussions of being convicted of a domestic violence case:

·         Loss of child custody or visitation rights      
This would be applicable if the person convicted has a child or children. One of the major factors that the court considers in determining the visitation rights and custody is whether one of the parties has a history of domestic violence. The court always considers what is best for the children, especially because they are minors.

·         Not having more employment opportunities     

Although there are just a few restrictions on hiring a former convicted individual, some employers are hesitant to hire people who were once convicted. It would also be difficult for them to find jobs because their options are limited.

·         There could be no chance of possessing firearms again 

Offenders, especially those who have been issued with restraining orders, are usually restrained from firearm ownership or possession. This could be a problem for people whose job descriptions require firearms (e.g. police officers, security guards, etc).

·         Revocation or denial of certain state licenses    

There is a possibility that a person convicted of domestic violence may lose certain licenses and certificates such as professional licenses or business licenses. There is also a possibility that these important licenses and certificates can no longer be renewed in the future.

·         Issuance of criminal law restraining order           

If there are allegations of domestic violence, criminal and family courts automatically issue restraining orders to the accused to protect the victim. This could mean that the convicted would be spared of his liberty since he would be restrained from going to certain locations.

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