Monday, December 15, 2014

Domestic Violence: The Different Examples of Indirect Domestic Violence

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Did you know that a person can be charged with domestic violence even without physical contact? According to Nevada Revised Statute, domestic violence can still occur on emotional and verbal levels of abuse and other indirect non-physical actions. Using threats, profanities or actions with the intention to intimidate or control another person is also a form of “Domestic Violence.”

Listed below are some examples of Indirect Domestic Violence:

  • Verbal Threats – these are threats that are meant to limit the other person from doing his or her daily routine, or to imply fear. I.E. threatening to hurt the children if the person does not comply with the rules, threat to destroy property, threat to physically hurt the person and so forth.
  • Name calling – Calling the partner with offensive names can get a person charged with domestic violence.
  • Limiting access to basic needs – this situation usually happen if the offender is the primary source of income of the household. The offender can limit the budget to food, clothing, allowance, medication or utilities expense. Examples are hiding the car keys, disconnecting the internet wi-fi intentionally etc..
  • Insults or ridicules – an insult that is meant to emotionally hurt the person is a form of domestic violence.
  • Monitoring phone calls, letters, mails, social media accounts, etc – this is an act of stalking. Stalking is considered as a form of domestic violence.
  • Forcing the partner to make biased decisions – examples are choosing between friends and the partner, choosing between the side of the partner or the family, choosing where to stay, etc.
  • Lying or making-up stories in order to manipulate the partner, or to make confusion.
The examples listed above can get a person charged with domestic violence. If you are charged with domestic violence. Contact a prominent domestic abuse attorney in Las Vegas to defend your case. Attorney Ross Goodman has defended numerous cases of Domestic Violence. He will analyse, review and formulate a defense strategy for your case. Contact Goodman Law Group using the details below:

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